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The Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Alabama

As the weather gets warmer and more bicyclists take to the open road to enjoy the fresh air, get in a little exercise, and cut down on their carbon footprint, it’s a good time to think about the staggering number of collisions that occur between riders and drivers every day. The reality is that cyclists are more vulnerable out on the streets than motorists are, and an unfortunate encounter involving the two is likely to leave the cyclist with serious injuries. Though people should not be deterred from riding their bikes, it’s essential that they take precautionary steps to remain safe from neglectful drivers.

In addition, with bicycle accidents steadily on the rise, it’s more important than ever for both motorists and bicyclists to understand some of the leading causes of accidents in an effort to reduce the risk of being affected by one. Here are the leading causes of Alabama bicycle accidents:

• Drivers Not Sharing the Roadway: One of the biggest problems that plague bicyclists is the fact that many drivers simply don’t want to share the road. Under these circumstances, the motorist will frequently get too close to a rider while trying to pass them and end up clipping the tire or running into the rear end of the bike instead. This is why most states have specific laws concerning the amount of space drivers are supposed to give cyclists when in the same lane.

• Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is a hazardous issue that continues to cause numerous traffic accidents, including those that involve bicycles. Whether eating, talking on the phone, texting, putting on makeup, or looking at something on the side of the road, it only takes a second for one of these distractions to result in a disastrous incident.

• Failure to See Nearby Cyclists: Cars are known for having blind spots, and it’s not uncommon for cyclists to get caught in these, making them impossible for a driver to see and automatically putting them in harm’s way. Bikers get hit quite a bit for this reason when cars are attempting to make a right turn or when they swerve to the side to avoid a collision with another vehicle, never realizing a bike has been along their side the whole time.

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