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Common Challenges Faced in Child Custody Cases

When spouses make the decision to dissolve their marriage, there are several issues that must be worked out in order for the divorce to be finalized. Among these issues is the matter of child custody, which is typically the most contested matter of them all. Both spouses want what is best for their children and are often afraid of the prospect of not being able to see them as much as they would like to. With emotions running high, a lot of challenges and problems can arise, which can easily complicate the situation.

To avoid a nasty child custody battle, it would help to become more aware of the most common challenges and, thusly, how to avoid falling prey to them. Below is a list of the challenges parents commonly face in child custody cases:

  • Both parents refuse to communicate with one another: Communication is vital for any situation, so it should be no surprise that a lack in communication when it comes to a child custody case can make it all the more challenging. Keep in mind that the court favors the involvement of both parents in a child’s life, so you avoid communication with your co-parent or simply behave in an unreasonable manner with him or her, the judge will likely favor the other parent in his or her decision-making. Everything runs more smoothly with better communication, so do what you can to set any unresolved issues aside for the sake of your children.
  • Behaving badly on social media: In general, it is better to lay off social media entirely for the duration of your divorce, especially if you share children with your spouse and are trying to work out a child custody arrangement. The temptation to badmouth your former better half can be awfully tempting, but can easily come back to haunt you. To ensure your child custody case is not compromised by any social media posts, do not use it and ask your friends and family not to make any posts related to your divorce or your children.
  • The court’s temporary custody orders were not followed: Generally, when children are involved in a divorce case, the court will issue a temporary custody order that is to remain in place until the divorce is officially finalized. If you are unhappy with the temporary child custody order, it might be challenging and frustrating to have to follow it, especially if you feel like you are not getting enough time with your kids, but it is imperative that you follow it. In fact, disobeying this order is the worst mistake any parent can make in a custody case and will have a major impact on the judge’s decision.
  • Keeping the other parent from exercising their visitation rights: Unless the other parent’s environment poses a danger to your child’s safety or well being, any attempt you make to prevent their other parent from seeing them will not be taken lightly by the court. What is considered a real threat? An example would be physical abuse or unhealthy living conditions.

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