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Challenging Murder, Assault & Attempted Murder Charges in Alabama

A violent crime may be defined as any type of criminal offense that involves the use or threat of violence against another person. Assault, domestic violence, murder, and attempted murder are examples of violent crimes. These are usually the most serious crimes that a person can be accused of committing, because the penalties are so extreme. A capital murder conviction, for example, can carry the death penalty for the convicted.

When your entire future and your very life are on the line, you need an attorney who will fight for you. At Guster Law Firm, LLC we believe in standing up for defendants who have been accused of violent crimes. We want you to remember that an arrest does not have to equal a conviction. Involve a Birmingham violent crime attorney from our firm and give yourself the opportunity at reduced penalties or an acquittal. We can even work toward a dismissal of all charges in some cases.

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Violent Crime Defense in Birmingham, AL

Every case is different, but a thorough investigation into every single aspect of a violent crime case can help your attorney build an effective defense on your behalf.

The following are potential defenses to violent crimes:

  • You were acting in self-defense or to protect another person from harm.
  • You have been mistakenly identified as the assailant.
  • You have an alibi (you were somewhere else at the time of the offense).
  • You have been falsely accused for reasons of jealousy, anger, etc.
  • You were coerced into confessing to the crime.
  • Your Miranda rights were not read to you upon your arrest.
  • You were subjected to an illegal search of your person or property.
  • Evidence was illegally obtained and is therefore inadmissible.
  • There is insufficient evidence to support guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

With criminal charges, the prosecution must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendant is guilty. It can take a single sliver of doubt to turn an entire case around. Put an experienced Birmingham violent crime lawyer on your side so you have the best opportunity at a positive result.

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