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The End of a Marriage & the Beginning of a New Life

Despite our best interests and intentions, marriages do not always work out. We may reach a critical point in our lives where we have to make the decision to separate from a person we once loved, and it can be a highly emotional and difficult time. It is only made more difficult with the knowledge that it will affect every area of your life: where you live, where your children live, your financial stability, and more.

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The Birmingham divorce lawyers at Guster Law Firm, LLC know divorce can be a difficult time for families. A marriage is ending and that is hard not only on the spouses but also on children and extended family. We are equipped to help ease those tough times by taking a caring and understanding approach in helping families. We are also tough and ready to get the job done in addressing in the various issues concerning family law, especially connected to divorce, including property issues, custody, and support.

Call us today at (205) 386-6844. We are ready to work with your spouse or to tackle the tough issues in court – whichever approach is best for your unique situation.

Experienced Contested & Uncontested Divorce Counsel

There are two types of divorce cases our Birmingham divorce attorneys handle: contested and uncontested. The approach will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage and proposed divorce, primarily based upon whether spouses can reach their own agreements regarding the many issues that must be addressed in their divorce.

These issues may include:

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is not an amicable split. It occurs when spouses have disputes about certain issues. In these cases, it's important to have an attorney who knows the law and knows how to protect a client's best interest. A contested divorce is handled in court, where your attorney must fight for the custody, support, and property division arrangements that you need.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce occurs when spouses agree on a separation of assets, child support, custody, and spousal support. Guster Law Firm, LLC can handle such paperwork, handling all of the specifics regarding Alabama laws, in house, without either party having to appear in court. We do all of the work for you, in all family law matters. Our Birmingham divorce lawyers will make sure the agreement is legally sound and protects your rights and interests.

For skilled navigation through the divorce process, call our firm at (205) 386-6844.

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