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Coming to the decision that you and your spouse are no longer to make your marriage work is a difficult one, but even in the face of this emotional realization, many spouses are able to reach an agreement on the pertinent issues involved in a divorce settlement. When both spouses are not warring over issues like child custody, child support, spousal support, or the division of property, this is known as an uncontested divorce. These situations are often able to go a lot more smoothly than a contested divorce, but it is still necessary to have a legal advocate on your side.

If you are going through an uncontested divorce, reach out to the compassionate family law attorneys at Guster Law Firm for the skilled assistance you deserve. Call us today at (205) 386-6844 to schedule a consultation.

The Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

The lower cost, amount of time saved and reduced frustration are the biggest advantages of an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce inherently takes more time than any other type of divorce due to the fact that both spouses need to either negotiate an agreement or go through litigation and allow a judge to decide on their behalf. If your divorce goes through litigation, this can take a considerable amount of time since you will be at the mercy of the court’s schedule and, depending on the complexity of your case, this can impact the length of time it takes for a judge to finally come to a decision on your divorce settlement.

In an uncontested divorce, the fees can be kept low since there is nothing to discuss. You will simply need an attorney to review everything and ensure that you are not agreeing to something that is decidedly against your own interests. Your respective attorneys will also be able to prepare the paperwork to avoid any unnecessary errors that could prolong the process.

The Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce

Generally, for an uncontested divorce to exist, there are certain elements that must be worked out before the divorce is granted. These requirements include:

  • An agreement regarding shared parenting responsibilities, including a written parenting plan.
  • The amount of child support that will be paid to the custodial parent.
  • The amount of spousal support that will be paid to which party, or if any is to be paid.
  • The division of marital property, financial assets, and any debt.

If you and your spouse are able to agree on all of these issues, you will be able to keep your divorce private and out of court rather than go through a lengthy public battle.

Experienced & Personalized Family Law Counsel in Birmingham

If you and your spouse are struggling to make your marriage work and have come to the decision to put an end it, you will need to hire skilled legal assistance as soon as possible to ensure your interests are protected. Even if you are going through an uncontested divorce, having knowledgeable legal guidance on your side is necessary to ensure costly and preventable mistakes are not made.

At Guster Law Firm, LLC in Birmingham, our experienced family law attorneys are dedicated to navigating clients throughout the divorce process while ensuring they do not make any errors that inadvertently harm their fresh start in life. We will work closely with you to identify your goals and determine the best approach to reach them. Backed by over 40 years of combined legal experience, you can rest assured that your case will be in good hands with us.

Get started on your divorce case today and reach out to our law firm at (205) 386-6844 to schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys to learn more about how we can assist you during this difficult time.

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