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Retrial Ends in Hung Jury For Madison, Alabama Police Officer

Former police officer Eric Parker’s second trial for violation of civil rights has ended in a hung jury. Parker’s first trial ended in a mistrial earlier this year, and prosecutors decided to try him again.

Parker was accused of using excessive force against a 58 year old Indian man who was visiting his son. Parker and another officer confronted the man because someone in the neighborhood reported “a suspicious black man” on the street. The man, Sureshbhai Patel, who didn’t speak English, was partially paralyzed after Parker threw him to the ground. A disturbing video of the event was caught the police cruiser’s dashboard camera.

It’s possible that Parker will face a third trial. Federal attorneys will need to decide if another trial would also end in another hung jury before proceeding.

A Legal Trial Isn’t Your Only Option

If you’ve been injured due to the willful or negligent act of another, even if that person was acting in an official capacity, you have the right to file a civil claim. Damages in a personal injury claim can include:

• Medical bills
• Pain and suffering
• Severe emotional distress
• Loss of wages due to time off from work
• Punitive damages
• Destruction of property
• Permanent injury or disability

A civil claim, especially one involving a government entity, can be a lengthy and complicated process. To get the compensation you deserve, it’s vital that you consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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