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Motorcycle accidents are much different than accidents involving other types of vehicles. The biggest difference is that, in a passenger vehicle, truck, or SUV, there's an entire steel frame, not to mention a number of other safety features such as airbags, to protect the people inside. Motorcyclists however, have only a helmet and maybe some protective clothing to protect them in case of a crash. Because of this, motorcycle accidents are often much more severe, and much more fatal, than other types of automobile accidents.

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident in Birmingham? Was this incident the fault of another person who failed to obey the rules of the road? Were you injured as a result of the crash? Or was a loved one hurt or killed as a result? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against the at-fault party.

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Types of Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Head Injury

Head injuries are the most common injury in motorcycle accidents. Even when wearing a helmet properly, there's not a lot of protection between the cyclist's head and the surrounding pavement and vehicles. Concussions can result from the skull being shaken inside the helmet, and if the skull does make contact with anything, it can also crack or become otherwise damaged. When head injuries are very severe, brain injuries can also be a tragic result of the accident.

Road Rash

Road rash is a condition that develops on the skin after it has slid across a surface, such as pavement. This is another extremely common motorcycle accident injury because riders are often thrown from their bikes, causing them to go over the handlebars, and down onto the pavement in front or to the side of the bike. This impact can be so severe that it rips through clothing, and through several layers of skin. While it might just look like a series of cuts and bruises, it can lead to skin irritations, infections, and even nerve damage.

Muscle Damage

Muscle damage is another very real possibility in a motorcycle accident. Muscle damage can include anything from rips and tears, to permanent loss of the use of that muscle, or paralysis. This occurs when another vehicle, the road, or any surroundings, make an impact with just about any part of the biker's body. The impact can cause crushing, burning, or other injuries to the muscle. Often when a biker suffers muscle damage in an accident, the results are permanent.

Biker's Arm

This is a term used when a biker has been thrown from their bike. When this happens, it's a natural instinct to throw one arm around yourself to help brace for the impact and protect whatever part of the body you can. However, the arm that was used absorbs all of that impact, often more than any other part of the biker's body, and this can cause severe nerve damage in both the arm and the upper body.

Leg Injury

Leg injuries are also very common for bikers because they can be difficult to protect in the event of an accident. Shattered, fractured, or completely broken bones might be found in the leg and foot, road rash can appear, and even severe nerve and muscle damage can be done. Leg injuries typically aren't fatal to motorcyclists, but the damage can definitely be permanent.

Rear End Injuries

Rear end injuries are not only common in motorcycle accidents, they can be some of the most severe. Motorcyclists can't see very well behind them, so when a vehicle is about to hit them from behind, they have no way to move away from the vehicle or brace for impact. Because of this, they are hit full-on and can be thrown from their bike and sometimes, even pinned underneath other vehicles. This can result in accidental amputations, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and paralysis.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike when passenger vehicles get into an accident, which most often results in nothing more than bumps and bruises, motorcycle accidents are often fatal. When another driver or other person is to blame for the accident, a wrongful death claim may be made, which can provide compensation for the widow or widower, next of kin, children, or parents of the victim. These cases are made more often in motorcycle cases than with other vehicle accidents.

Hit & Run Motorcycle Accidents

Hit and runs aren't really that different when referring to motorcycle accidents. Often insurance will still provide compensation for the claim, even if the name of the other driver is unknown. However, when it comes to hit and run motorcycle accidents, insurance companies can be wrongfully biased and not offer the amount the victim is actually entitled to.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the common causes for automobile accidents involving motorcycles include:

  • Left-turn accidents: A car either doesn’t see you or inaccurately judges your motorcycle’s speed, turning in front of you at an intersection.
  • Unsafe lane changes: When a car strikes a motorcycle when changing lanes. It is well known that those driving cars have blind spots when changing lanes and the problem is exacerbated due to the relative small size of a motorcycle.
  • Rear-end motorcycle accidents: A car strikes the motorcycle from behind. An example would be when a yellow light is turning red and the motorcyclist stops and the vehicle brakes, but impacts the motorcycle. In a car to car accident this would be classified as a “fender bender,” unfortunately these scenarios can be fatal for a motorcyclist.
  • Car door / "dooring" accidents: A car door swings open into your lane of travel. A distracted motorist exiting their vehicle can have fatal consequences.
  • Lane splitting accidents: Operating a motorcycle between an active lane of traffic and a lane of parked vehicles. In addition to car doors opening, the potential for pedestrians entering the space is possible.

What Kind of Compensation is Available for My Injuries?

This is by far the most common question we receive about motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured in a collision, what you can collect really comes down to the specifics of your case.

Questions such as the following must be answered before any particular number can be established:

  • Was anyone else on the bike with you at the time of the accident?
  • What was the at-fault driver doing that caused your accident?
  • Was anyone killed as a result of collision?
  • How severe were your injuries?
  • Was the at-fault driver drunk?

Depending on the answers, you could be eligible for significant compensation. More often than not, motorcycle accidents end up costing the rider and their passengers dearly. You could be entitled to considerable economic damages in the form of hospital bills and doctor's fees, as well as non-economic expenses such as pain and suffering. The only way to be sure is to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Birmingham.

How Soon Should I Contact a Birmingham Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

When it comes to motorcycle accidents – or any motor vehicle accident – Guster Law Firm, LLC suggests as soon as possible. There is a great deal of research and investigation that goes into these accidents, not to mention keeping insurance companies in check. Let Guster Law Firm, LLC fight for you.

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Alabama Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should I do immediately after a motorcycle accident in Birmingham?

A: Document as much information as you can about the accident and your medical condition. Take photos of the accident scene, your vehicle, and any injuries you might have suffered. Do seek medical attention even if you think you aren't hurt. Some conditions take time to present symptoms, and only a doctor can give you the all-clear.

Q: The accident wasn't my fault. What kind of damages can I receive in Alabama?

A: If another driver or motorcyclist was at fault for the accident, you may recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Q: What if I wasn't wearing a helmet?

A: It is strongly recommended that you wear a helmet at all times while operating a motorcycle, and you are in fact required by law to do so in Alabama. However, the fact that you weren't wearing one is unlikely to prevent you from collecting damages if another person was at fault for the accident.

Q: How quickly must I file my Alabama motorcycle accident injury claim?

A: Different states have different rules, but in Alabama, the statute of limitations is two years. After that, you may not claim any damages. That's why it's important to seek experienced legal counsel and act quickly.

Q: How much is my Birmingham motorcycle accident case worth?

A: Every case is different with regard to the degree of the injuries, the expectation of a full recovery, and whether the victim has been permanently disabled. At Guster Law Firm, LLC our Birmingham motorcycle attorneys are available to answer your questions and to determine the value your claim. We can come to you if you are currently hospitalized or recovering at home, and unable to meet at our offices. Get the facts about what your case is worth from a trusted attorney who has experience in the field of personal injury law.

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