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Simple Ways to Avoid Swimming Pool Accidents in Birmingham

Swimming pool accidents can range from simple slips and falls that result in only minor scrapes and bruises, to drowning that can lead to lifelong brain damage or fatality. While not all accidents are avoidable, there are some steps that a homeowner can take to help avoid accidents around a swimming pool. These steps are not only important for general safety, but can also help avoid negligence if an accident does occur, which protects the pool owner from civil claims.

Fencing around a pool is one of the easiest ways to avoid unwanted access to the swimming pool. The state of Alabama does not have any laws that require fencing around a pool, but Jefferson County does. In Birmingham, a swimming pool must have a fence of at least four-feet in height running completely around the pool. The fence must be designed in a way that keeps out objects more than about four inches in size, and cannot have objects or debris near it that can be climbed upon to get over the fence. Having a fence around a swimming pool is not only the law, but also helps keep young children away from the pool when not supervised.

Non-slip surfaces around a swimming pool can help avoid slips and falls when people are walking or running around the area. While a slip can result in a minor injury like a scrape, there is always the potential of someone falling backward into a pool or of a head injury as the result of a fall. By having non-slip surfaces, such as concrete or wood with texture that increases stability, a swimming pool owner can keep guests safe and also avoid liability for falls that might occur.

Swimming pool covers should be chosen to help avoid accidents. This can include sturdy covers that can potentially be walked on by small children, without them falling in. It is important to avoid covers that can become twisted around a person if they do fall onto it, which can increase the risk of drowning or personal injury.

While most homeowners are not liable for injuries to trespassers, “attractive nuisance” laws involving swimming pools can make an owner liable for children who wander into a neighbor’s pool. You can reduce the attractiveness of the area, which helps prevent accidents, by keeping toys and other objects away from the swimming pool. Following these simple steps can help keep a swimming pool safe and avoid tragedy. If proper care has not been taken, and you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident, then call the Birmingham slip and fall accident attorneys at Guster Law Firm, LLC, at (205) 581-9777.


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