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What to Do After a Truck Accident in Birmingham

The chaos of a truck accident is a frightening thing, and it can be difficult to think straight immediately afterward. Knowing what to do, however, can make the difference between just getting through the accident, and being protected afterward. While other people at the scene of an accident might take some of these steps as well, it is important to look out for your own safety and well-being, while also ensuring the safety of others.

First and foremost, check to see if you or anyone else is injured. If someone is injured, be very careful about moving them, especially if they are complaining about back or neck pain. Movement can greatly increase a neck or back injury, and if you move someone, you may be liable for any additional injuries they sustain. If anyone is injured, contact emergency medical services immediately and notify them that there has been an accident, how many people are injured, and where you are located.

Whether someone is injured or not, remain at the scene once Birmingham police have been notified. In the event of a very minor accident, where police are not notified, be sure to swap information with the other driver or leave contact information for property damage if the owner is not at the scene. Leaving the scene of a truck accident in Alabama where damage occurs can result in a misdemeanor charge, while leaving the scene of an injury or fatality is a felony.

Cooperate with police and medical personnel who show up at the scene and give an honest statement to police officers. While you must accurately describe what happened, do not use phrases like “it was my fault,” which is an admission of guilt. When Birmingham police officers have to testify at a civil or criminal case, they can only comment on what they personally witnessed, or what you told them in a statement. They cannot say you were at fault unless you tell them that.

After a truck accident, once you know that you are not injured and you have taken care of your legal responsibilities at the scene, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer with automotive practice. In Alabama, you only have two years after an accident to file for a civil suit against another driver, and you might have less time if the other vehicle was a state or local government vehicle such as a city bus. Call the Birmingham truck accident lawyers at Guster Law Firm, LLC today if you have been involved in a truck accident. We can protect your rights, handle the insurance companies, and see to it that you get any compensation you deserve. Contact us at (205) 386-6844.