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Your Right to Compensation After a Side Impact Collision

At Guster Law Firm, LLC, our Alabama trucking accident attorneys are deeply involved in cases seeking compensation for people injured in semi-truck, 18-wheeler, and big rig collisions. A T-bone truck accident is exceptionally dangerous, often leaving other drivers and their passengers seriously or fatally injured. When it impacts a passenger vehicle, the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck can leave the vehicle crushed and mangled, with the occupants injured or killed. The injuries can be so severe that the people are left struggling to survive, facing many months of recovery, often with an uncertain outcome.

T-Bone Truck Accidents: Primary Causes

A broadside truck collision can come about through a range of negligent driving behaviors. In a recent year, as reported by the Alabama Dept. of Transportation (ALDOT), the primary cause of truck accidents that can lead to a dangerous or deadly T-bone accident include the following negligent truck driver conduct:

  • 11.4% -- Failed to yield the right of way
  • 11.4% --Misjudged stopping distance
  • 4.3% -- Defective equipment
  • 3.7% -- Improper turn
  • 2.75% -- Failure to heed a sign or traffic signal
  • 2.7% -- Driving too fast for conditions
  • 2.0% -- Fatigued or asleep
  • 1.3 % -- DUI
  • 0.4% -- Driver not in control

Side Impact Truck Accidents Resulting in Serious Injuries or Wrongful Death

Jefferson County is served by several highways, which are frequently the location of deadly T-bone truck accidents. Statewide, 26.7% of the truck-involved fatalities occurred on a U.S. Route, 36.2% on a State Route, and 21.5% on an Interstate. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that large trucks are far more likely to be involved in a multiple vehicle crash -- 81% of truck accidents in a recent year involved multiple vehicles. In a T-bone accident, the impacted vehicle is often pushed into lanes of traffic, causing a secondary impact with several people injured or killed.

The Dedication of Your Alabama Truck Crash Lawyer Matters

At Guster Law Firm, LLC, we care about the people we represent. Our commitment to their cause inspires us to perform, and to aggressively pursue the maximum possible in damages. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a side impact truck accident, call our firm immediately. It is important that our Birmingham T-bone truck accident attorneys get involved early in the process.

Our compassion, personal dedication, and legal skills have proven to be valuable to our clients, and many come to us through direct personal referral. Before you make a decision, call us and speak with us. We believe that our client-focused service goes above and beyond the ordinary.

Dedicated Legal Representation in Side Impact Truck Accident Cases

Call us and tell us what happened to you and your family. We are prepared to help you seek full compensation for all damages. Our truck accident lawyer will be steadfast in demanding justice and a fair amount in money damages – as you deserve. Call today for a free initial consultation in a T-bone truck accident case. We are ready to get your case moving in the right direction. Guster Law Firm, LLC can be reached at (205) 581-9777.

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