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SUVs are popular vehicles for many drivers. While these vehicles are generally safe, SUVs are more prone to rollovers than other vehicles. Knowing how to drive SUVs safely can help diminish the chances of accidents.

Hazards of SUVs

Rollovers, when a vehicle flips, occur in only about three percent of all serious crashes according to Consumer Reports. However, rollovers can be deadly and account for about 30 percent of people killed when riding in a passenger vehicle. SUVs are more prone to rollovers because these vehicles are taller and narrower than other automobiles. Vehicles that are taller and narrower than others have a higher center of gravity and are more top-heavy. This can affect the vehicle's balance when hitting soft patches of dirt or hitting other barriers such as a pothole or soft roadside shoulder. Electronic stability control (ESC) is a feature, mandatory since 2012, that helps maintain stability in these situations by using features such as automatic computer-controlled braking. Sudden tire blowouts or failures can contribute to rollovers. Other hazards to SUV driving are narrow wheel bases, a vehicle that may have defective parts, or SUV drivers who put loads that are too heavy in their vehicles. To take precautions in driving SUVs, purchase a vehicle manufactured after 2012 for ESC features, frequently do tire checkups, and don't overload your vehicle. Always drive sober, be aware of hazardous driving conditions such as bad weather, and know the area where you are driving.

What to Do After an SUV Accident

Your first action after an accident is to summon police and emergency personnel to assist accident victims. One of the important actions after an accident is to document circumstances of the incident through eyewitness testimony, police records, and medical records. Obtain police records of the accident to verify your account of the accident and to document it for litigation. Get your medical records including records of surgeries, prescription drug costs, and any needed physical therapies for insurance and legal purposes. Get witness names, addresses, and phone numbers or emails to contact them for future testimony in court. Take photos of the accident site and the damage if you are able and this does not place you in further danger after the accident. Document the evidence of the crash as immediately as you can after the accident.

Liability and Compensation

If you are involved in an SUV accident such as a rollover, the circumstances of the accident may determine if you are entitled to compensation. Situations where another driver was involved in the accident or if there are manufacturer defects in the vehicle or the tires may determine liabilities. Compensation such as for expenses such as medical bills, subsequent physical therapy, and lost wages are important to pursue if you are not at fault in a vehicle accident. In the tragic loss of life, survivors can claim compensation for the victim's medical bills, funeral bills, and lost wages.

Statutes of Limitations

There is a two year statute of limitations in Alabama personal injury cases, unless the claimant is a minor at the time of the injury and the statute of limitations may be until the child is 19-years-old, plus two years, but no more than 20 years. The exception is for adult claimants who have a disability at the time of the injuries and declared incapacitated by an appropriate court. This most often applies to those who are mentally incompetent. There are other exceptions for minors under four years of age where these minors can bring a lawsuit until the eighth birthday. For assistance to navigate the court system, contact an Birminghamcar accident attorney at Guster Law Firm, LLC by calling (205) 386-6844.

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