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Left Turn Motorcycle Accident

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Left Turn Motorcycle Accident in Alabama

What's the Cause of Most Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents? Other Drivers!

People have all kinds of misconceptions about motorcycle drivers. They think they drive too quickly and swerve in and out of traffic recklessly, among other infractions. But did you know that the leading cause of left turn motorcycle accidents is actually the drivers of other cars? This finding was first published in the Hurt Report, a study in motorcycle safety that was conducted in 1981, and a separate Florida study finds that this is still true today. So why are left turns such a problem for cars? And how do motorcycles get caught in the mix?

One of the biggest problems for drivers of passenger vehicles is that they simply don't see motorcycles when they're on the road. Motorcycles, of course, are much smaller than cars and other vehicles on the road, so they're harder to see and they often blend into the background. When this happens, the driver of a car makes a left-hand turn without realizing that a motorcycle driver is even there and so, they make the turn and crash into the motorcycle.

Another reason car drivers crashing into motorcycles is such a big problem is because car drivers often underestimate the speed at which the motorcycle is going. Due to their smaller size, it often seems that motorcycles are traveling slower than they actually are. A transport truck for instance, will seem to be going much faster than a motorcycle, even when both vehicles are traveling at the same speed. When this happens, the car driver might think the motorcycle is actually going slower than they are, and so make the turn, hitting the motorcycle that's doing the speed limit.

Left turn motorcycle accidents are no joke, and the rider can suffer serious damage from them. Some of the injuries suffered are:

  • Broken bones, particularly knees
  • Facial injuries
  • Muscle, ligament and nerve damage
  • Road rash
  • Nerve damage, especially when riders extend their arms to protect themselves from a fall

When any car is making a left-hand turn, it's their duty to look for oncoming traffic and to yield to them. When they fail to do this, it's considered negligence and they can be held liable, meaning that motorcycle drivers can seek compensation from them. The compensation that motorcycle drivers receive will depend on several different factors including the extent of the injury, the amount of income the motorcycle driver will lose while they're recovering, any medical expenses that will be incurred, and whether or not the motorcycle rider exhausted all possible treatment options.

A case involving a left-hand motorcycle accident should never be taken to court before all of the facts are known. For this reason, it's important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible after the accident and provide recommendations on the next steps. An attorney can also help riders through the insurance process, which can be difficult under the best situations but can turn into a nightmare if the insurance company doesn't want to pay, which is often the case.

It's also important to have a Birmingham left turn motorcycle accident attorney to represent you if you're ever in a collision because juries and judges tend to be more sympathetic to the driver of the car. This is because the majority of people are car drivers and not bike riders, so it's more challenging for them to see things through the eyes of the motorcycle rider.

Eric is a professional Birmingham left turn motorcycle accident lawyer that knows motorcycle laws, and how difficult it can be for riders to get a fair trial.

We'll show the jury all the arguments you want them to know, and we'll even help you deal with the insurance company. Left-hand turn motorcycle accidents are the biggest cause of motorcycle accidents and should you ever find yourself in one, you'll want a good lawyer. You'll want Guster Law Firm, LLC.

If you or someone you love has been in a left-hand motorcycle accident, it's important to know that this is an ordeal you should not try to get through on your own. Instead, call us here at (205) 581-9777 at Guster Law Firm, LLC.

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