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A traumatic amputation is defined as the loss of an arm, leg, finger, or toe due to a serious personal injury. The amputation may be performed surgically or may happen as a direct result of an injury. This type of injury may be caused in a number of ways.

  • Car accidents: A serious car accident can often result in the loss of an arm or leg.
  • Factory accidents: If factory machinery is not operating properly or you have not been given appropriate safety gear, this could lead to a traumatic amputation.
  • Farm accidents: Working on a farm often involves operating some serious machinery. Failure of safety features on this machinery can cause serious accidents.
  • Defective products: If you have bought a product and it is malfunctioning, this could cause a serious injury leading to amputation.
  • Assault: If you have been the victim of an attack by a person or a vicious dog, this also may lead to an amputation.

Each individual personal injury case is unique, and fault will be determined based on the specific facts of the incident. If someone else is at fault for your amputation personal injury, you have a right to contact a Birmingham accident lawyer and seek damages from the responsible party or parties.

Who May Be At Fault for an Amputation Accident in Birmingham?

In this type of catastrophic personal injury case, the person or company who is liable is responsible under the law for your injury. Depending on the circumstances leading to your amputation, liable parties may include:

  • An employer: This could be the case if the injury happened in the workplace.
  • A driver or vehicle owner: This may be in the case if you were injured in a vehicle accident.
  • A construction company: This could be the case if you were injured while working or while you had another legitimate reason to be on a construction site.
  • A dog owner: This could be the case if the dog who attacked you was not properly restrained, or was not within the legal boundaries of its own property.
  • A product manufacturer: If your personal injury was due to a defective product, the manufacturer may be liable.
  • A drug manufacturer: This could be the case if you have been taking prescribed or over-the-counter medication that led to amputation, such as gangrene.

What Compensation Am I Entitled to for Personal Injury Amputation in Birmingham?

If you are the victim of personal injury that has led to traumatic amputation, you may be entitled to damages for the following criteria:

  • Disability or disfigurement: You may be compensated for these permanent physical changes,; the rate will vary depending on the extent of the injury.
  • Medical expenses: These may be high from hospital bills to fees for rehabilitation, wheelchairs or prosthetics.
  • Loss of quality of life: Your injury may mean that you are no longer able to do things that were formerly enjoyable to you.
  • Emotional distress: Having a body part amputated is a very traumatic experience.
  • Lost salary: You may have to take a long time off work to recover from your injury.
  • Lost earning capacity: Your injury may prevent you from continuing your normal job.
  • Pain and suffering: This would cover things such as physical aches and pains and temporary and permanent limitations of activity.

In most cases such as these, the liable party's insurance company or companies are legally obligated to pay you the amount of compensation agreed to in an amputation personal injury settlement.

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