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Blindness/Eye Injury

If you have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you need Guster Law Firm on your team.

Alabama Blindness Injury Lawyer

Representing Clients in Blindness and Eye Injury Cases

Accidents that lead to the loss of eyesight change a life forever. At the Guster Law Firm, LLC our lawyer is painfully aware of the life-changing nature of injuries that leave a person with permanent blindness. As a Birmingham eye injury attorney, Eric is dedicated to helping victims of eye injuries seek to recover the maximum level of financial compensation. Loss of eyesight, or blindness, can come about from a many kinds of incidents, including:

  • Medical errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Defective Products
  • Chemical exposure
  • Burns
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Work injuries

Work-Related Eye Injuries

In some cases, the individual was injured while at work and was never provided with the correct type of eye protection. Although a workers’ compensation claim pays for medical bills and a percentage of lost wages, damages such as pain and suffering and long-term loss of earnings ARE NOT covered through the system.

Third Party Liability

Third parties who may be liable for eye injuries can be sued separately, and in many cases, allow a victim to recover far more in financial damages. Examples of third party liability include chemical manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, eyewear manufacturers, and property owners, based upon the facts of your situation. If you are blind as a result of a work injury, we would like to review your case immediately.

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If you or a loved family member or friend suffered the loss of eyesight due to the negligence of another, please contact Guster Law Firm, LLC to schedule a free consultation. We have represented injured clients since 2002, and we have successfully recovered substantial settlements. You have the right to fair compensation, and you can trust us to be unrelenting in seeking a substantial compensation in a case of blindness, as is deserved.

Contact an Alabama eye injury lawyer to discuss your case involving loss of eyesight. Guster Law Firm, LLC can be reached at (205) 581-9777.

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