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Hiring Practices Training

Alabama Hiring Practices Training

Our Birmingham Attorney Can Help You Avoid Unfair Hiring Practices That Violate Federal Laws

Unfair hiring practices can be harmful to your company for a number of different reasons, not the least of which include violations of federal laws that open your business up to lawsuits from wronged applicants. Beyond the immediate financial and legal considerations, however, fair hiring procedures also ensure your employee pool is filled with people who are knowledgeable, qualified, and create a wide pool of opinions, views, and potential markets for your business. Most people are not born knowing how to properly interview and consider a prospective candidate before hiring, and it is just as much a skill as anything else in business.

Proper hiring practices are, potentially, the single most important aspect of your business, because it directly impacts who works for you and represents you every single day. Call us at the Guster Law Firm, LLC at (205) 581-9777 today. We can talk about your business and discuss our diversity training programs that can help ensure you have hiring practices that result in a team of reliable and dedicated professionals.

How Important Are Hiring Practices?

The importance of strong, effective hiring practices truly cannot be overemphasized. While some businesses are content to have heavy turn-around with new employees constantly in and out the door, this does not build a strong team or ensure knowledgeable employees who care about the company and understand what your business does. Turnover of employees is also expensive since it requires additional time and money for training new employees, while losing the knowledge and experience you had helped fund for your previous employee.

Strong employees and a healthy workforce begin with proper hiring practices. A good hiring process, with managers or team leaders who know how to conduct an interview, can help eliminate people who would be destructive to your team, or who might introduce apathy into an otherwise passionate company. You can also make sure your hiring team actively pursues qualified candidates to get great employees who might otherwise end up at one of your competitors.

Discrimination During the Hiring Process

One of the most important things to understand while hiring, and for your managers or other hiring team leaders to know, is how to avoid discrimination during the process. This is not only a good practice for the health and success of your business, but avoids violating federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a potential applicant due to race, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or genetic information. Growing a company full of people from a wide range of backgrounds creates a healthy environment where different opinions and ideas are fostered, making your business stronger and creating wider appeal.

It is vital that you and your hiring team understand what they can and cannot ask about or say during the hiring process and in an interview. Violating these federal laws can open you up to civil lawsuits from the potential employee as well as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Such lawsuits are not only potentially quite expensive, but are also very bad for your company's image and attractiveness to customers.

Hiring Practices Training

Great hiring practices are not necessarily a talent that people are naturally born with. They are a skill that you and your team leaders can learn through training and practice. Proper training can help you not only avoid practices that might be seen as discriminatory, opening you up to lawsuits or violation of federal law but also understand how to actively ensure you get qualified and strong employees for your team. Knowing what to ask and look for is just as important as knowing what you cannot ask or look for in an applicant.

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