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Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training in Alabama

What Are the Benefits of Proper Supervisor Training?

When supervisors and managers at a business are trained properly, not only are they stronger, more efficient leaders for other employees, but they can also help prevent and avoid issues such as workplace discrimination and harassment. Coaching and training of supervisors is not always easy, it requires knowledge not only of what managers should know, but also an understanding of how to effectively impart that information to them. Strong business leaders do not always know how to provide this type of training, so an experienced Birmingham corporate diversity trainer can make a world of difference.

To ensure your managers and supervisors are properly prepared for the realities of business leadership in the 21st Century, call the Guster Law Firm, LLC, LLC today at (205) 581-9777. We can discuss your options and offer coaching and training for your supervisors to avoid workplace discrimination and prevent harassment.

Training to Proactively Avoid Discrimination

Getting ahead of any potential harassment or discrimination is one of the best ways to avoid not only potentially costly complaints or civil lawsuits, but also to ensure your employees have a safe and productive environment to arrive at each day. Proactive efforts begin with proper training for your supervisors and managers. They need to understand how their words and actions are received by the employees who report to them so that they can avoid any behavior that might be seen as discriminatory or harassment.

Malicious discrimination is certainly a problem, but unconscious discrimination can be just as destructive to a workplace. Supervisors, especially those who may be new to leadership positions, may not fully realize the impact they have on a work environment and how their words and deeds are weighed and viewed by other employees. Proper coaching by an Alabama corporate diversity trainer helps your supervisors understand ways to avoid the appearance of preferential treatment that may seem discriminatory.

Communication Training and Coaching

Communication permeates every facet of the workplace since every action and word from a supervisor communicates information. It is vital, therefore, for your business leaders to understand proper communication in a wide range of situations. This can be as simple as coaching managers in what types of jokes and emails are appropriate, as well as what questions and statements are proper during an interview and which are inappropriate or even illegal in Alabama.

Additional coaching can help supervisors understand the importance of proper and productive communication when working with employees and hearing complaints. Dismissal of concerns or inattentiveness can result in escalation of hostility or informal complaints becoming very formal, and costly, legal action against your company. Supervisors need to understand how to hear criticism and feedback from other employees, and the proper ways to respond to such information and then act upon it to ensure your workplace remains safe, inviting, and productive for all of your employees.

Responding to Discrimination and Harassment

The best way to deal with discrimination is, of course, to avoid it in the first place with proper and thorough training and coaching for all employees. Unfortunately, even with great training, there is still the possibility of harassment or discrimination complaints arising. This can stem from misunderstandings or improper communication, or outright inappropriate behavior and language from employees. Understanding how to properly respond to such complaints is vital for supervisors within your company.

When a complaint is brought to the attention of one of your supervisors, he or she needs to act upon it immediately and in a way that demonstrates to the employee who filed the complaint that he or she is being heard. Feeling ignored typically only exacerbates an issue and can lead to more severe situations or actions by your employees. Proper coaching and training teaches your supervisors how to respond to a complaint, investigate the situation, and then take appropriate action to resolve the issue. This can include disciplinary action, termination of employment, or even notifying an Alabama law enforcement agency. All of this must be done properly and without any appearance of impropriety or discrimination by your management team.

Training Your Supervisors

Proper management training is complicated and difficult. Anyone can be promoted to a supervisor, but meaningful training turns that supervisor into a leader.

Call the Guster Law Firm, LLC today at (205) 581-9777 to discuss your options and learn how we can train and coach your supervisors to make your company a safe and productive place for all of your employees.

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