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Workplace Mediation Services

Alabama Workplace Mediation Services

How Can a Mediator Help You?

A skilled, professional mediator can help speed up the process of handling a complaint an employee may have against other employees or the company itself. This can avoid many legal costs and help the entire process move along swiftly and decidedly toward a conclusion with which both parties are ultimately satisfied. While some situations have progressed to a point in which a legal battle in a courtroom may be the only recourse, there are many times when the services of a skilled Alabama mediator can diffuse a situation and resolve a dispute or complaint.

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Do I Need a Mediator?

The answer to that question will depend a great deal upon the specific details of your situation. Oftentimes, a skilled mediator can work with the parties of a workplace dispute or complaint and strive toward a solution that makes them satisfied. This is not only typically less expensive than a lengthy legal battle, but can also be a great deal faster than going through a civil lawsuit procedure. A quick, satisfactory resolution to a complicated situation is no small feat, and the work of a skilled mediator can be a tremendous asset.

The Work of a Skilled Mediator

A mediator often comes into a relatively unknown situation and hears out both sides of a dispute to help them reach a satisfactory conclusion. There are a number of different ways in which this can be done, and a skilled mediator knows how to handle each step of the process. Bringing in a mediator early in a situation can make a tremendous difference. It is not unusual for a situation to become worse and worse as time goes on. Someone who feels discriminated against or harassed may well become more agitated and angry if he or she senses that action is not being taken fast enough. Bringing in a mediator early can help alleviate these feelings and ensure employees know their complaints are being heard and acted upon sufficiently.

The mediator brings parties to the proverbial table and allows them to not only be heard but works with them to ensure a satisfactory conclusion is reached. It is vital that you work with a mediator who understands how to handle these situations and avoid future issues or complaints. A skilled Alabama mediator not only knows how to handle things to uphold state and federal laws but can also offer guidance and additional training to avoid future complaints.

What Should I Tell a Mediator?

The amount of information your mediator needs to know prior to beginning mediation tends to depend upon the details of any given situation. In general, however, you should provide your mediator with contextual information that can help avoid complications or confusion during mediation. For example, if there has been any previous history of complaints by a party in mediation, or against a party in mediation, then the mediator should know this. Such background can help ensure the mediator understands the setting of a situation.

The level of antagonism between parties in mediation should also be made known to your mediator. In some instances, there might only be a professional dispute that has not become personal, and the two parties can meet amicably during mediation. In other situations, opening statements by each party may lead to provocation and emotional outbursts. Informing your mediator about the level of anger or frustration in a situation lets your mediator control the environment better and make sure mediation is productive.

Help, I Need a Mediator!

A skilled Alabama mediator can save your business time and money, and help ensure a safe, productive environment for your employees.

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